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Adam Bledsoe
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What does fair mean to you? What about when I say, “It’s not fair that Ms. Susie or Mr. Frank is about to eat whatever they want and not gain an ounce, but I look at a carrot stick and gain 20 pounds!”  Maybe Ms. Susie and Mr. Frank live at the gym, or maybe they have great genetics.  Well, say what you want, but it just doesn’t seem fair.

I recently visited a medical clinic focusing on weight loss, hormones, etc. While waiting to be seen, I contemplated all the fitness and wellness adventures I’ve taken on in my 41 years on earth. Maybe this is the “magic pill” to finally getting the beach body I’ve always desired but never had. Actually, I don’t desire a beach body. I just want to function appropriately for my age and be able to ride roller coasters without having to take the “chunky walk of shame.”  Believe me when I exclaim that I don’t say that to be disrespectful to those with a wider waistline. I feel your pain.

The conversation of health and wellness immediately draws my attention to physical fitness.  Health and wellness has many layers which dictates a complete wellness score. I am fully aware I’m not a health and wellness professional and don’t have the credentials, so whatever I mention is strictly from my observations as a human being struggling to maintain a passing health and wellness score…whatever that means.

Physical, spiritual and mental health combine to determine how well we’re functioning. Some may be mastering one or two of these elements to health and wellness but struggle with something. Show me someone who isn’t struggling, and I’ll show you a super hero. Constantly working to improve on these three elements will allow you to love your neighbor as yourself.  I’ve spoken about this in past articles; how can you be a blessing to those around you if you fail to love yourself?

Matthew 6:33 says to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you. This passage is referring to those dealing with anxiety over the clothes they wear or the food they eat. How about the beach body? I don’t know how much God cares for your beach body, but I do believe what it says about what to seek FIRST.  

I continue to struggle with my waistline and my anxiety about this, that or the other, and often feel like I’m just a giant sinner who doesn’t deserve grace. The lovely thing is God has given us the ability to press on with the day.  

Winter is coming. Enjoy the season. By the way, it’s not fair that we don’t get four seasons in the 501! (Insert tongue out one eye winking emoji here.)