501 LIFE is a product of 501 Advertising and Publishing, a local company owned by Sonja J. Keith and Donna J. Spears.

Both bring a wealth of experience and knowledge on how to create a quality publication that readers enjoy and that advertisers value.

The company recognizes and has responded to new opportunities in Central Arkansas by providing a magazine that informs, inspires and educates our community. The organization’s loyalty and passion for 501 LIFE and its neighbors in this area is unsurpassed.

The magazine targets key audiences, giving advertisers the ability to successfully implement their marketing plans. The magazine reaches a variety of household incomes, especially those in the upper middle class and above.

“We ask you to join us as a reader and advertiser in providing this area with an outstanding product that has been strategically planned with tremendous focus on quality and a deep commitment to community.”

Call today at 501.327.1501 for more information on advertising opportunities in 501 LIFE.