Ally adds love, fun to family

Story and photos
by Callie Sterling

Families are often incomplete without a fur-family member; the Atkinsons found their family’s missing link, Ally, a Black Labrador.

The Conway family of five – parents Haley and Greg and their three children – found Ally as a puppy from an ad in a newspaper in February 2014. Although Ally did not cost the family a dime, she brought much more to the family than money could buy.

“We adopted Ally for my youngest son’s fifth birthday,” said Haley. “She is such a great dog. She is wonderful with kids and always so happy to see us.”

The three children in the Atkinson family — Landon, Peyton and Laynee — each enjoy different activities and characteristics about their family pet.

The friendly Black Lab never meets a stranger. “Ally is so friendly,” Landon said. “She tries to make friends with all of the neighbors.”

The active and energetic fur-baby enjoys playing with the kids in her family. “She is silly and loves to play,” Peyton said. “She always comes running when you call her name. Tug-of-war is her favorite.”

The siblings enjoy having a pet because Ally has added an element of fun to the Atkinson family. “Everyone should own a pet because they are so fun,” Laynee said. “She is like our sister and a real member of our family.”

Each member of the family enjoys the love and affection that Ally brings to their daily lives. “I love cuddling with her,” Peyton said. “She gives the best kind of love.”