501 Life Magazine | ZAZA offers endless possibilities
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ZAZA offers endless possibilities

That may sound a bit ordinary, but owners and chefs John Beachboard and Scott McGeehee are not novices to the food industry and their passion for the entrepreneur and cooking are evident in this new addition to Conway’s dining choices.

Conway is the second location of ZAZA, the first location being in the Heights area of Little Rock.

The menu includes soups from scratch. John calls them a true “art form” — all 15 personally originated recipes!

The “made to order” salads include Asian, Greek, Santa Fe, Tandoori Chicken, Steakhouse Blue Cheese and more! Chef John, a Hendrix College history and business major, knows the hospitality industry. The restaurant is a dream of his and his partner, Scott, who is no stranger to cooking. He has roots and ownership with Boulevard Breads in Little Rock. The two have a passion that their guests “feel good when they leave… nothing is better that being with family and friends that you love and all around good food,” said John.

Being around good food and good conversation is an understatement. You can dine at a “community table” that seats a crowd, or kids can dine around a Wii in another area of the cafe. Even the pizza oven is from Italy, family-made and constructed onsite. The aroma of wood-oven pizza is like no other!

Then there’s the gelato —the Italian ice cream made with milk, 60-70 percent less fat than traditional American ice cream, and 40-50 percent fewer calories. You will have a hard time deciding which flavor you prefer. How about cookies and cream, dulche de leche or banana pudding? Or, the all-time favorite, chocolate!

Catering comes with the “Mobile Wood Oven!”

ZAZA is family-friendly and offers kid menus along with the option of sitting on the counter stools and watching the entire pizza baking process.

ZAZA is located at The Hendrix Village. Additional information may be obtained by calling 501.336.9292 or emailing John@ZazaPizzaAndSalad.com.

Choose any classic pizza and your own customized ingredients. Plus, the possibilities at the salad line are endless! Indeed, ZAZA offers so much!