“Wizard of Oz” scheduled Thursday

by Sonja J. Keith

About 60 students at Conway Christian School will present “The Wizard of Oz” Thursday, March 17, with another 30 students involved in technical, sound and stage aspects of the production.

This is Conway Christian’s eighth production, according to CCS teacher Laura Shelton, who directs the play. Last year, Conway Christian presented “Much Ado Out West” based on a Shakespeare play.

Each year, Conway Christian students vote on the play they would like to present. “The Wizard of Oz” has come in second several times in voting.

Shelton noted that many CCS alumni credit the play and other school activities with teaching them how to manage multiple responsibilities. The play also brings together different sports teams and clubs, giving students an opportunity to get to know others better and making memories that will last a lifetime.

For the third year in a row, the play will be presented in the school gym and the public is invited to attend.

As has been the practice, students participate in a special mission project in conjunction with the production. This year, donations will be accepted for Compass Academy.

This year’s cast includes Abby Shourd (Dorothy), Will Callaway (Scarecrow), Carter Bramlet (Lion), Zach Ward (Tin Man), Lyndi Dather (Glinda), Cora Lentz (Wicked Witch of the West) and Scott Austin (Wizard).

The leadership and other cast members include Stage Manager: Mary Morgan Ellis; Musical Director: Sarah Guinee; Set Manager: Zach Staley; Prop Manager: Taylor Williams; Tech Director: Nicholas Lee; Costume Manager: Sarah Shelton; and House Manager: Tyler Gum.

Other cast members include Auntie Em: Sarah Guinee; Uncle Henry: Will Jackson; Hunk: Seth Smith; Zeke: Alec Ohlde; Hickory: Bennett Pascoe; Farmhand: Seth Norton; Miss Gulch: Rebecca Watkins; Professor Marvel: Aaron Martin;

Munchkin 1: Taylor Williams; Munchkin2: Sarah Shelton; Mayor: Savannah Stacks; Barrister: Abby Moix; City Father: Hunter Tollett; City Father 2: Marc Cochran; Coroner: Macey Vaught; Tots: Elizabeth Steely, Grace Rapert and Madeline Steely; Lollipop Guild: Lane McSpadden, Gracie Hill, Rhaegan Linn; Other Munchkins: Rachel Ledbetter, Maddy Fulmer, Selby Bradley, Katelyn Helms;

Apple Tree 1: Jay Gattis; Apple Tree 2: John Christian Baker; Apple Tree 3: Rob Hogue; Doorman: Dawn Lippelgoes; Nikko: Jakob Henry; Flying Monkeys: Shawnell Gill, Nicholas Lee, Brenden Camp, Parker Burford, Jonmark Wood, Carter Free; Leader of Guards: Jessica Brandon;

Witch’s Guards: Laila Sulieman, Adrianna Ferrand, Katie Dather, Lexia Nichols, Julia Lehrer, Carly Lawrence, Maddie Black; Tornado People/Ozians: Robert Poppe, Mikayla Kirby, Caroline Henley, Kendra Lea, Olivia Ford, Allyson Oliver, Meagan Pennington.