Tribute Luncheon to Honor Jane Krutz

Krutz has volunteered for AETN for more than 40 years; has been awarded the Community Service Governor’s Award for Volunteerism; and has been named PBS’s Number One Volunteer of the Nation. Most Arkansans would recognize Krutz as the “face” or “voice” of AETN from her numerous appearances during the network’s membership drives.

All proceeds will benefit the AETN Foundation’s Jane Krutz Volunteer Program Endowment Fund, which was created in 2007 and exists to sustain the Foundation’s active volunteer and internship programs. Gifts to the fund are combined and invested, and the interest generated from the investments will support volunteer program statewide trainings, communications, activity committees, and recognition, as well as the Foundation’s efforts to continually expand its volunteer base and show its appreciation. The AETN Foundation relies on nearly 10,000 volunteer hours annually.

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