Top food trends

by Don Bingham

The Food Channel recently released its “Top Food Trends for 2011,” identifying the most significant food trends that will influence how we eat this year. I found some of them most interesting and wanted to share them with 501 LIFE readers.


The No. 1 trend is “The Canning Comeback.” That’s right, time to can, freeze, and “put up” those favorite food items!

The second trend is “Men in Aprons.” Stay-at-home dads and layoffs in the work place have led to more men cooking. It seems that men are feeling more comfortable in the kitchen and are not just relegated to the barbecue grill anymore!

With increased popularity in the farmer’s market and the desire to support local business while eating healthy, the trend for 2011 will be more localized, home-grown food products.

The “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” category represented the rebellion of being told what we can eat. In the coming year, the trend will be a more personalized diet.

“Appetite for Food Apps” — Social media will be our guide and our coupon source! With the technology resources available, this comes as no surprise.

“Chefs in Schools” — Professionally trained chefs are being filtered into the educational systems at all levels.

Along with the top trends for 2011, a list of “Foods to Watch” was published.

Veggies are in more demand. Have you noticed the restaurants that offer the vegetable plates and veggies like “mom used to make” often have folks waiting in line out the door?

Healthy eating is going to be the focus instead of “dieting” — I like this!

Expect to see PIES of all kinds — sweet, savory, small, fruit, tart.

It seems as though two things that are not going “out of style” would be eating and health care! There must be a connection!

Whatever the trends for 2011 might be, may I suggest moderation in all things, do all with quality and excellence, and wake up and smell the coffee. Enjoy the produce of the land in 2011!