Throne fit for a queen

by Tanner Cangelosi

With the recent royal wedding in my mind, I needed to represent my love for being royal (at least in my head, I believe all girls are princesses!) in my home.

I found an awesome rusted stool at a flea market on Highway 64 near Vilonia. I love going to flea markets, and when I find treasures like this one, it makes me want to do a dance right there in the store.

I brought it home and quickly got to work. My husband sanded the stool for me, and then I cleaned it with bleach water. Then, I primed just the seat – because I wanted to keep the rusted legs for effect.

Using the colors that were already painted on my kitchen table that matched the fabric on the chairs, I got to work on the seat. I painted the base coat red and then striped the sides with brown and white. Next, I painted a crown using the same color scheme and the words, “The Throne of the Queen Mum,” so that every time I sit down to sort the mail, I can feel royal.

Finally, I outlined the artwork with a Sharpie marker and sprayed some polyurethane sealer to protect the artwork. I’m thankful that I have a royal place to rest now.


Stool    $8.00
Paint (had it)    FREE
Sealer (had it)    FREE
Sandpaper (had it)    FREE

TOTAL:    $8.00