The wisdom ahead of you

Brittany Gilbert

by Brittany Gilbert

I recently listened to a podcast from a Christian leader that I respect, where she mentioned that a problem with young adults today is that they place more value on peer mentors than in finding an experienced person in their life to learn from. The problem with this is that our peers are going through the same stage of life as us with about the same amount of experience and wisdom that we have, so what true guidance can they really offer? 

Sometimes, we can learn a great deal from our friends, but often, we’re just passing back and forth similar situations and frustrations. It’s beneficial to get outside of our situations and hear from someone who has been there, perhaps many times, and can tell you what it’s like on the other side. 

If you have the time, consider joining a women’s group at church. In our area, there’s even a local Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) group that meets and offers childcare. This is a great chance to meet other women of faith and learn from them. If you can’t make one of these groups work, consider starting your own small group. 

A friend and I did this at the beginning of the year. We decided that there were a few older women in our church with a wealth of knowledge, and we wanted to learn from them. Knowing that other women would benefit from hearing their wisdom, we started a small women’s group on a Saturday morning. The effort it takes to make it happen is well worth it. 

Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone you admire and ask for their advice or to spend more time with them. I’ve reached out to ladies with older kids and asked to go to lunch or coffee so I could learn from them, and it’s always been a rewarding experience. This year, my circle of mom friends has grown immensely, with moms of all ages and backgrounds, and I am better for it. The things I’ve stressed about have been downsized, and the encouragement I’ve received has been so helpful. 

Listen to the older women in your life. They’ve lived, they’ve made mistakes, they’ve encountered problems and they’ve seen the other side. Times haven’t changed so much that we can’t benefit from the wisdom that God has given the veteran mamas in our lives. Sure, we live in a social media world, but maybe what we need is a perspective that’s outside of all of that to help us see the bigger picture.