Student 5K to be held

Jim Stone Elementary School will hold its Annual 5K Race for students in their running club next week.

But this year’s race will be different than years past.  

This year, the students will run a little harder and parents will be reminded that each day is a gift as they remember a classmate who was killed last fall in an accident.

This year’s race, “Bolt for Bella,” will be dedicated to the third grade student. There will be a balloon release and a few other special activities designed to honor her, and the runners and other students will all wear teal shirts, which was her favorite color.

Principal Mark Lewis said the event shows the impact Bella had on the Jim Stone family.

"I truly believe that positive things can come from tragedy," said Lewis. "In this instance, an entire school has rallied behind Bella’s family in a demonstration of love and compassion that I’ve not seen in a very long time. Bella and her family deserve this day for us to once again celebrate her life and what she means to the students, parents and staff of Jim Stone Elementary.”

The “Bolt for Bella” 5K Race will be held at Jim Stone Elementary at 1 p.m. Thursday, May 5.

"We are always excited about the 5K but this year will be extra special as we dedicate it to Bella,” said Running Club Sponsor Mary Swindle. "We hope it’s a special time for her family to see how much she was loved at Jim Stone and will always be remembered here. It’s always a super fun day for the runners and the whole school!”