Sherwood hosts luncheon to honor first responders

SHERWOOD – The City of Sherwood and the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce host a luncheon each year to honor first responders. “The event is a group effort to honor those men and women who give so much daily for our safety, security and well-being,” Mayor Virginia Young said. 

At the event last week, Young praised those who lead the essential programs. “We are also grateful for the support of the leadership in our first responder programs: Sherwood Police Department, Gravel Ridge Fire Department, Sherwood Fire Department and MEMS.”

The following people were honored for 2021: Jamal Hockaday – Police Officer of the Year, Chris Howey – Gravel Ridge Firefighter of the Year, Josh Clay – Sherwood Firefighter of the Year, Jonathan Bell, EMT and Mitchell Weaver, Medic – MEMS Crew of the Year, Morgan Holt – Dispatcher of the Year, and Tim McMinn – 25 Years of Service on the Chaplain’s program at the Sherwood Police Department.“

Sherwood has a great community of dedicated first responders who go above and beyond to fulfill their call of service,” Young said. “We appreciate the sacrifice they make to protect and serve our community.”