Not your typical Easter basket

by Brittany Gilbert

One of my favorite things about being a parent is thinking of unique and thoughtful gifts for my kids. I like things that they’ll actually use, but not things they’ll love for a day and I’ll have to throw away in a week. I like having themes for holiday gifts, too, especially Easter. 

Current season favorites 

One of my favorite ideas is the umbrella turned into a basket when upside down and opened. Fill the “basket” with all sorts of spring-related toys, treats and clothes. 

One year, we did this and had some new spring wardrobe along with rain boots, rainy day activities and, of course, their favorite snacks. These were items I already needed to get, but I arranged them in a fun way and gave them on a special occasion, accomplishing two goals. 

Look ahead to summer activities 

If your kids are playing sports, consider making it the theme of their Easter gifts. For example, a baseball bag with glove, ball, bat, snacks, etc.

It doesn’t have to be related to sports. Maybe you take a summer beach trip. You can get a sand bucket and fill it with a new swimsuit, goggles, beach towel and snacks for the road trip. Again, these are ways to save money by gifting your children something you already intended to buy them.

Minimalism gift ideas

Gift cards to their favorite restaurants, stores and places to visit help create experiences instead of stuff. If you’d rather not give them little trinkets that they’ll lose by the next day and they really don’t need a new wardrobe or pair of rain boots, consider this idea. You’ll maintain your sanity and not add to the clutter.

If your kids are like mine, they’re always asking if they can go somewhere special. I love being able to remind them that they have a gift card to Chick-fil-A or Share.the.Love Kidsclub, and if they’re wanting to use it, then sure, we can get out of the house and go somewhere special that day.

For the 501, consider going to the movies or bowling, getting ice cream, a trip to the Kidsclub, a day at the Museum of Discovery or the Little Rock Zoo. Attach a small gift card to their favorite candy or treat.

Other creative basket ideas would be seeds and gardening tools, fishing equipment, art supplies, sunglasses, a kite or makeup. You could get a small duffel bag or stylish bag and fill it with whatever interests them.

Think outside of the traditional Easter basket, so to speak. Have fun with surprising your kids with thoughtful gifts that will mean something to them without spending a ton of money.

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