Man of the Moment 2023: Jeremy Kennedy

A college composition class opened the doors to an impactful career for Jeremy Kennedy, Advanced Placement English Language and Composition teacher at Greenbrier High School. “I discovered English as a field of study sitting under Dr. Henry Smiley’s Composition II class at Central Baptist College in the 1990s.” Jeremy decided then to work in the field of reading and writing. He also had a deep-rooted desire to do something that mattered, something lasting, so he found teaching. “I like getting to invest time and energy into young people on a subject I find important,” he said.

The pandemic challenged teachers, creating the need for them to incorporate new technologies for distance and asynchronous learning. “Education is constantly changing because what works for kids is constantly changing,” Jeremy said. “I still use a lot of the technology and strategies that I learned during the pandemic in my class today.”

When he’s not in the classroom, Jeremy spends time on the board of directors for the Greenbrier Area Arts Council and the Greenbrier Masonic Lodge No. 290. “I’m honored to work with the arts council because I believe promoting the arts is essential to preserving our identity and culture in a rapidly changing world,” he said, “and the masonic ideals of friendship, morality and brotherly love will always be special to me.”

A 501-area native, Jeremy loves his hometown and its friendly atmosphere. “This is where I grew up and decided to stay once I became an adult,” he said, “… because of the people I love here.”

Jeremy credits his family for much of his success. He is thankful for his parents’ supportive, loving environment they’ve provided for him. He is most inspired by his youngest son, Zacky, who is a nonverbal, special needs child. “He is a constant source of inspiration because of his absolute love for life and the people around him,” Jeremy said. “I cannot possibly talk about Zacky without mentioning my amazing wife, Amanda. She has dedicated so much of her time and love to caring for and working with Zacky to give him every possible opportunity. Her perseverance is a big inspiration for me.”

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