Man of the Moment 2022: Scott Spainhour

Greenbrier School District Superintendent of Schools Scott Spainhour’s heroes have always been educators, and he has always wanted to be just like them. 

“There are so many teachers and coaches who have had an impact on my life that it seemed like the only, and the most natural, thing to do,” he said of his career choice. 

As an educator, Spainhour said he gets a unique opportunity to make a positive impact that will last a lifetime for children. “I am privileged to be able to work for the students of my district and make that kind of a difference for them,” he said. 

Setting goals as an educator is something he does, and he also wants all of his students to know that hard work is important to meet those goals. “I would say the worthwhile things don’t come easy, and they don’t come quick. There is something very exciting about hard work with a purpose.”

Spainhour describes being part of a thriving school district and community like Greenbrier for the past 14 years as very special.   “During this time, we have been able to do some amazing things for kids, including building a robust academic program, improving facilities across the district and building new ones, and developing various other programs that are making a difference even today,” he said. 

Spainhour serves on the Arkansas Safe Schools Committee, which is a committee appointed by various agencies around the state. The committee is charged with providing policy information and best practice recommendations in terms of school safety to Arkansas legislators.  

“Obviously, student and staff safety are the number one priority for schools and it’s important for me to know and understand the best strategies to protect my students,” he said. Someone whom the superintendent credits for supporting him through it all is his wife of 29 years, Shannon.

“I can truly say without her encouragement, love and support, I don’t know where I would be or what I would be doing. She makes me so much better.”