501 Life Magazine | Kid of the Month – October 2013
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Kid of the Month – October 2013

Finlee Dru Voss

Age: 3

City: Solgohachia (Conway County).

School: Little Lambs Learning Center/Pre-K 1.

Favorite subject: Crafts and reading.

Family: Parents – Dustin and Megan Voss; grandparents – Charles and Shelley Penick, Randy and Linda Voss; and her Nonnie Rhonda Smith.

Pets: Dogs – Hank, Ruby and Soapy.

Favorite meal or snack: Black olive pizza, corn on the cob and pancakes.

Most cherished possession: Baby doll she calls Big Baby.

Other information: Finlee loves playing with her cousins, Mary Reese and Ella Bleu Fisher and Caden Voss. Her favorite color is green and her favorite TV show is “Max and Ruby.”