501 Life Magazine | Hello spring!
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Hello spring!

Daffodils are aplenty in the 501 as Central Arkansas welcomes spring. (Sonja J. Keith photo

While Mother Nature may not quite be finished with winter, the season of beautiful colors and warmer temperatures is making its appearance in the 501.

This month, 501 LIFE is all about “Home and garden” as we celebrate the beauty of Central Arkansas as winter’s gray gives away to the bright colors of spring. Daffodils, tulips and crocus appear to be arriving daily, with trees and shrubs beginning their transition with colorful blooms. It’s time to get ready for shorts and sandals.

There are a few things for me that signal springtime:

For weeks, I have watched the daffodils in my flowerbed inch their way out of the soil and ready to produce a bloom. My friends on the Daffodil Daze Committee refer to these perky little flowers as “Plant happy!” and their blooms are a welcome sight each spring.

My children will tell you that I’m pretty crazy about azaleas as I’m quick to point them out while driving. While I have not had much luck with growing them in my yard, I enjoy admiring and taking in the beautiful blooms which range from white to the darkest pink. I also love irises and have managed to keep alive a few in my yard. All their different colors amaze me.

Soon (but not really soon enough) there will be fresh strawberries for the picking and the purchase in Central Arkansas. There’s nothing like a good strawberry pie, strawberry jam and just a plain strawberry.

Springtime is an exciting time of year with a variety of special events and activities. Just check out all the calendar items on Pages 8-9. Wow!

501 LIFE is proud to serve as a sponsor again this year for the University of Central Arkansas Night of Distinction, planned Saturday, April 28, at McCastlain Ballroom on campus. (Learn more about this year’s distinguished honorees and this incredible gala by checking out the insert in this month’s edition.)

What a blessing to live in the 501 with beautiful surroundings and wonderful people who do so much to help others.

Until next month, here’s to “Celebrating spring” and “Loving LIFE” in the 501!