For Roller family, Morrilton is good medicine

By Mark Oliver

Seven years ago, Doctors of Pharmacy Andy and Mandi Roller traded the city lights of Northwest Arkansas for quieter living in Conway County. Blessed with three children in 14 months, they discovered that Morrilton was the perfect place to relocate and raise their family while continuing their careers. 

Amelia (from left), Mandi, Wilson, Andy and Eva Roller.

When they’re not juggling sports and gymnastics for their kids, the Rollers frequent the many festivities around town, and also enjoy the outdoors of the Petit Jean River Valley. 

“From the Farmer’s Market to Oktoberfest to our annual bazaar, we love being a part of all the different events that Morrilton has to offer,” Mandi said. “We like going to the brewery on Friday nights and listening to music while the kids play Baggo, and our annual camping trip to Petit Jean Mountain is a big highlight for our family.” 

“The cost of living is also very reasonable here,” Andy added. “We’re only 40 minutes from Little Rock, too. We can venture out and do whatever our hearts desire and still be home before midnight.” 

A Cabot native, Andy was reluctant to move to a smaller town but quickly learned that Morrilton fit right into his collection of hobbies.    “At first, I was a little hesitant to move, but I couldn’t say no to all the support from family and friends,” Andy said. “It’s really laid back here, and I spend a lot of my free time golfing and hunting. Looking back, we probably should have moved here sooner.”

For Mandi, a fifth-generation Morrilton native, the move meant their children could experience the same beauty and small-town feel of the 501 from her childhood.

“We had a good life and good friends in Fayetteville,” Mandi said. “However, we ended up sprinting back to Morrilton to be closer to family. Everyone knows everyone here, and there’s a deeper personal connection with those you see every day. There’s a lot to be said about knowing the people in your town and the people your kids are being raised with. If we lived in Little Rock or Fayetteville, our kids wouldn’t have the experiences I had growing up here.”

Today, the Rollers are fully involved in their Morrilton community. Andy serves as Chair-Elect of the Chamber of Commerce, is a board member for CHI St. Vincent and is a member of the Lions Club. Mandi is President of the Century League of Morrilton and serves on Sacred Heart’s advisory board. Their son Wilson and daughters Eva and Amelia attend Sacred Heart Catholic School, and Andy and Mandi work at different pharmacies in town, giving back to their friends, family and neighbors.

“It’s nice to be able to help friends and family I’ve known my whole life in a way that I’ve never been able to,” Mandi said. “Having that personal connection and being able to help them outside of work as well is a special feeling I couldn’t get anywhere else.”

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