501 Life Magazine | Crain Automotive, SWN, Conway chamber champion CNG
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Crain Automotive, SWN, Conway chamber champion CNG

A partnership between two Conway businesses will have more than 100 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles on the road in central Arkansas by the end of the year.
George Sheffer, vice president of E&P Services at SWN said the natural gas company’s current fleet totaled approximately 700. "We’ve already converted 40 vehicles. I anticipate that Crain will help us convert a total of more than 100 trucks this year. As our fleet ages we will continue conversion until we have a fleet that is 100 percent CNG capable." 

Compressed natural gas has a number of benefits over traditional fuels. Currently it is priced at roughly half the cost of a per gallon equivalent of regular fuel. CNG is also more environmentally friendly. Each CNG vehicle will produce 30 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than a vehicle powered by gasoline.
Brad Lacy, president and CEO of the Conway Area Chamber of Commerce said that the innovative partnership is something he would expect from the two businesses. "Crain and Southwestern Energy are two of the Chamber’s biggest supporters. They’ve been partners in the growth of this community, and I’m not surprised to see them lead the way in the field of clean energy."
Crain and SWN also partnered to underwrite the "Official Vehicle of the Conway Area Chamber of Commerce." The 2011 Yukon is a CNG vehicle converted by Crain. The Chamber will use the vehicle to create awareness about the use of CNG in Arkansas.