Author of the Month: Wesley Peters

By Susan L. Peterson

Little Rock author Wesley Peters is on a mission to help kids overcome conflict. His newest book, “Bullies,” with illustrations by Giovanni Perkins, was released in October 2023. The book offers techniques and ways to communicate and solve problems without resorting to violence.

Peters graduated from Bryant High School in 2015. He attended William Penn University in Iowa before transferring to the University of Central Arkansas. There, the sociology and Black studies classes he took inspired him to become active in political and social work.

Photo by Mike Kemp

“Bullies” is not Peters’ first foray into publishing. In 2019, he was inspired to write “The Plant Doctor” after listening to a podcast. He also published “Arkansas Black History Coloring Book Volume One” with award-winning artist Adaja Cooper.

But writing and publishing are two different entities. To publish his first book, he credits the assistance of another Little Rock author, Iris Williams, in helping him through the process. He said he learned as much from her as he could. “If it’s a skillset I can learn, I’ll try to learn it.”

Apparently, he learned a lot. In 2022, he began Revolt Renaissance Publishing with Kris Croom. Last year, the company participated in the 2023 UAMS Midsouth Black Expo and hosted book signings and a book fair for their authors, Debra Davis, Dezarea Duckworth, Derrick Rainey, Halo Ray, and Kafi and Vincent Hunter.

Peters’ enthusiasm for writing and publishing is contagious. He even motivated some of his family members to write their own books. He loves nothing more than to visit classrooms and get students involved in acting out his stories. Although “Bullies” is a quick read, it has lots of rhythm, action and dialogue that he has students act out. More recently, he has directed teachers to take on the roles of the misbehaving students, an activity that has been a real hit.

Kids often ask how to write their own book. Peters’ aim is to foster the imagination of every child by letting them create their own characters and scenarios. He also wants them to know that every TV show, commercial, movie or song begins with writing down an idea.

Peters stresses that he is only one person. However, by visiting many schools, he is trying to do his part to help kids understand the motivation behind bullying and how to address it without violence. Ultimately, he hopes to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline that he learned about in his college classes.

One day, he may return to complete his degree “when and if the time is right.” But in the meantime, he is serving others by helping them achieve their dreams of publishing and being a role model who inspires young students and gives them ways to deal with conflict.

Peters lives in Little Rock. More information about him can be found on Revolt Renaissance Publishing’s site, A digital copy of “Bullies” and order forms for hard copies can be found there. “Bullies” is also available from Amazon and other online publishers.