501 Life Magazine | At Toad Suck Buck’s – Good food, good friends, good times
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At Toad Suck Buck’s – Good food, good friends, good times

It’s out a ways, but you will enjoy the ride. You are about to enter a “zone” that was planned to accomplish the owner’s desire — “that folks would enjoy a decent meal, decent price and most of all, not having lost the fine art of visiting!”

Ken and Deb Buck are the owners; with lots of help from their nephew and other employees, the restaurant has an extensive menu of most of the regular offerings. However, the meats seem to be the specialty of the house, with the fillet and ribeye steaks the most sought after.

The history of Toad Suck Bucks is another story in itself! The building, owned by Ken and Deb, started out as a flea market. After closing, they decided to purchase a pool table, then a second pool table and then a shuffleboard! Soon the crowds were coming for that home-spun conversation and a menu of hamburgers and chicken strips. The pool tables and rustic atmosphere remain for your “waiting” enjoyment (free games for customers), but the menu has expanded over three years to delectable steaks with all the trimmings.

Ken shared with me one of their interesting happenings at the restaurant. An Arkansas yacht club decided to cruise the river and treat their 34 boat guests to dinner at Toad Suck Bucks. The entourage arrived river side, escorted their guests from the yacht to the restaurant and all guests dined while watching fireworks, listening to live music and playing pool.

My wife and I took our son and daughter-in-law with us for dinner. (They announced at Toad Suck Bucks that we were going to be grandparents again!) What a delightful evening!

Another great eating establishment in the 501 community!

Toad Suck Buck’s
11 Roaring River Loop
Houston (Perry County)

Getting there
Travel west on Highway 60 from Conway. Cross the bridge at Toad Suck Lock and Dam. Continue west about 1 mile to Stoney Point Road. Turn right. Drive approximately 1/2 mile to a fork in the road. Turn left at the fork. Drive approximately 4 miles down Stoney Point Road. The sign for Toad Suck Buck’s is on the right.