Art exhibit in Morrilton

The Rialto Gallery in Morrilton will host “Artist Educator,” an exhibit of Artwork created by educators through Monday, November 9.  

This show hopes to raise awareness of the creative talent possessed by those involved in the educational system, including public and private school instructors, independent teachers, college and secondary educators, administrators, staff and anyone associated with education even if they do not teach Art.  

The Rialto Gallery is part of the Rialto Community Arts Center on Broadway in Morrilton and includes the Rialto Theater. Built in 1910, the building occupied by the Gallery was originally a hardware store which closed in the 1980s. It was converted into an art gallery in the 1990s. There are plans for an extensive renovation of the facility in 2016.

In May, artist George R. Hoelzeman assumed the role of director for the Rialto Gallery and was given the task of bringing new life to the venue. A number of new exhibits have been added to the Gallery’s calendar this year including themed exhibits. The Gallery’s traditional shows have also been significantly revamped in order to include a younger generation of artists and show a more diverse body of work.  

The current exhibit, “Artists in Our Midst,” has 43 works by 18 artists, many of whom are students and new artists. It is hoped that “Artist Educator” will continue the trend toward exciting new work in a wide variety of media.  

A series of special events has also been developed in order to further promote appreciation of the Arts and Artists.

“Artist Educator” will emphasize the creative talent that exists within the education community.  It is easy to forget that there are many creative and talented individuals in education other than the Art teacher. By providing a place for such creative talent to be showcased, organizers hope to encourage appreciation for those who add beauty to our lives and our children’s educational experience.  

The Rialto Gallery is located next to the Rialto Theater on Broadway in Morrilton and is open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. most Fridays and Saturdays. Admission is free and all are invited to vote for their favorite artwork as part of the People’s Choice Award.  

For information on submitting works for this exhibit, contact director George R. Hoelzeman at [email protected].