app of the month: Baby Food

by Brittany Gilbert

Last month in the December issue, I wrote about making homemade baby food and how easy and inexpensive it is. In the article, I referenced a website that I use frequently, but I went looking for something more iPhone friendly.

I found a few apps for homemade baby food, and the one I chose is simply and aptly called “Baby Food.” This app is $0.99 and really has some great resources.

The app is broken up into tabs or sections. You can either see all recipes at once or see them broken into stages. Stage One are foods appropriate for months 6-8. Stage Two is for 8-10 months, and Stage Three is 11-12 months. Within each stage, you will find the appropriate foods, along with how to prepare them.

There is another section that lists the foods A-Z and not only has a description of the food, but also health benefits and simple preparation instructions as well. You can then save your favorites or email them. Lastly, there is a search option if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Overall, I am pleased with this app. I would like to see more information about the creators of the app to verify the validity of their information when it comes to nutrition. I will still use my favorite website for research, but I find this app is useful when I need to quickly find the directions for preparing something or if I need to look for ideas.

What I like:

– Easy to use
– Inexpensive
– Includes nutrition information
– More than 60 recipes

What I don’t like:

–  Validity