A list from the Good Book

By Donald Brazile

The New Yorker magazine once ran a cartoon in which a group of prison inmates are huddled in a circle on their cell block floor, spread before them is a map of the prison grounds and on the map is a detailed drawing of their planned escape route. One of the prisoners turns to the apparent leader of the group and says, “I wish you wouldn’t keep saying, “you are here.”

 Sounds a lot like how we feel at year’s end as we look over last year’s detailed resolutions, we are (pretty much), still where we were a year ago. Maybe the reason so many of January’s resolutions fade so quickly is that we’re relying just on our own resolve to stick to them – relying solely on faith in ourselves. Perhaps we need faith in something more, someone more, like God. If you’re one of those who must write a New Year’s Resolution list, here are a few from the Good Book that are worth making and emulating. 

I will…

Like Enoch, BELIEVE that I never walk alone, God is near.

Like Abraham, BE a blessing to those who cross my path.

Like Lot’s wife, STOP looking over my shoulder at the past.

Like Joseph, GIVE others another chance.

Like Moses, BELIEVE God can use a basket case like me.

Like Miriam, KEEP a song in my heart and on my lips.

Like Ruth, STAND with others who are going through difficult times.

Like Gideon, MOVE forward even if I struggle with trust issues.

Like Deborah, SPEAK and share words of wisdom with others.

Like Huldah, be PREPARED when new doors open.

Like Esther, KNOW that God wants to use more than just my looks.

Like Job, be PATIENT under all circumstances.

Like the angel Gabriel, REMEMBER that with God all things are possible.

Like Andrew, SHARE with others my life-changing experiences.

Like John, LEAN upon the Master.

Like Mary of Bethany, REFUSE to be weighed down by the opinion of others.

Like Stephen, MANIFEST a forgiving spirit toward all who seek my hurt.

Like Jesus, PRAY “not my will but thine be done.”

I hope you’ll reread these stories from the Good Book’s list and, as you do, I’m pretty sure two things will definitely happen in 2021. One, you won’t be the same person you were; and two, you certainly will have read some of the greatest stories ever told.

Levi GIlbert