13 PCSSD students accepted to Arkansas Governor’s School

Pulaski County Special School District is proud to have 13 students attend the 42nd annual Arkansas Governor’s School from July 5 through Aug. 1 at Arkansas Tech University.  

The following students have been selected:

  • Eva Casto – Maumelle High School – Mathematics
  • Jacob Deneke – Joe T. Robinson High School – Natural Science
  • Connor Keeler – Sylvan Hill High School – Instrumental Music
  • Gibbs Kell – Joe T. Robinson High School – Social Science
  • Sydney Littrell – Joe T. Robinson High School – Instrumental Music
  • Geronimo Mckee – Maumelle High School – Social Science
  • Geneva Millikan – Maumelle High School – Drama
  • Madison Mobley – Joe T. Robinson High School – English/Language Arts
  • Jakobi Oliver – Maumelle High School – Drama
  • Olivia O’Quinn – Joe T. Robinson High School – Visual Arts
  • Kory Putnam – Maumelle High School – Social Science
  • Caleb Smith – Sylvan Hills High – Cybersecurity Specialty Program
  • Delaney Swinton – Sylvan Hills High – Mathematics

“We are so proud of these students and know they will represent us well at the Arkansas Governor’s School,” said superintendent Dr. Charles McNulty. “Our schools cannot wait to see what valuable information they learn and bring back and how they will apply it the rest of their lives.”

The four-week summer program is a unique experience for rising Arkansas seniors. The students, selected by a committee named by the State Department of Education, live on the campus of Arkansas Tech University and attend classes in three areas of curriculum.

About two-thirds of class time is devoted to the student’s selected discipline, which includes choral music, drama, English/language arts, instrumental music, mathematics, natural science, social science, and visual art. Students also work in general conceptual development and personal and social development.