Youth of the Month: Emma Vint

By Mary Eggart

Emma Vint of Conway is one amazing Central Arkansas young lady.  She and her mother, Amber, own and operate Monarch Sublimation. Sublimation is a method of digital printing that transfers a design onto a surface or material using ink or dye, heat, and pressure. 

Vint creates all kinds of cute and clever designs that she meticulously places on various items like tumblers, mugs, coasters and bookmarks. And with the special assistance of Jennifer Patterson, owner of Grace Transfers, Vint is also able to press her designs onto canvas and clothing herself. 

Photo by Mike Kemp

When I asked her what her favorite part of the crafting process was, Vint stated that she enjoyed the creative process of coming up with designs, but what she really loves most is unveiling the finished product.  When she completes the sublimation process, Vint said that unwrapping and seeing the design is her favorite part—that’s where the payoff lies. In fact, her mother laughed and said that Emma won’t ever allow her to take the tape off to reveal the finished product. That is Emma’s job alone. When asked what her busiest time of year was, without hesitation Vint responded, “Christmas!” This past Christmas she made 17 mugs in one evening. 

Vint explained why she chose a butterfly to be the inspiration and logo of her business name. “They are really pretty with all their beautiful colors,” she said. She credits her teacher, Ms. Stefani Green, for helping her choose Monarch Sublimation as the name of her crafting business. Vint attends Compass Academy in Conway, which is a private non-profit K-12 school for children with special needs. They also have an adult program that begins after the 12th grade that focuses on improving life skills. Vint has been diagnosed with autism, retinitis pigmentosa (meaning she only has limited central vision) and an additional genetic condition. 

She has a close relationship with many of her teachers and has made extraordinary progress while attending Compass Academy, where she has also established many lasting friendships. Ms. Green commented on Emma’s remarkable abilities and determination, stating, “Emma is a very talented young lady. When she told me that she was going to start her own business, I was so excited for her and told her she will be very successful because she has the drive and support from family, friends and all of us at Compass Academy.”  

When she is not sublimating, Vint also enjoys volunteering with her friends. She said she enjoys going to the Conway Animal Shelter to walk dogs and play with kittens, which are inspirations for some of her favorite designs. She also volunteers at the Faulkner County Museum, where she assists in archiving film with another one of her favorite people, Ms. Lynita. Additionally, Vint volunteers regularly at the GO Store. But some of her most special days are spent with her “best buddies”—her grandmothers, Nana Karen and Nana Beth.

Likewise, Vint enjoys shopping and gardening in her free time. Obviously, Hobby Lobby is her favorite place to shop. She gave a helpful piece of advice, stating, “The best day to go is on Friday, because that is when they restock the shelves.” Emma and Nana Beth are “on the go all the time” according to Mrs. Vint, shopping and eating out at some of their favorite Conway restaurants. At home, Vint likes to garden, planting and harvesting strawberries, watermelons and raspberries. She also enjoys crafting “just for fun” in her free time. 

Vint said that one day she would like to have her own brick-and-mortar store. Rightly so, because her crafting room is getting quite full! She said that the ideal spot would be right next to Target because “that’s where all the people are.” She knows exactly what that store would look like, too. It would be full of bright colors depicting different kinds of animals and, of course, lots of butterflies!

So if you are in need of any type of personalized special gift for a friend, coworker, etc., or maybe just something new and fun for yourself, Monarch Sublimation should absolutely be your go-to, one-stop shop. Emma’s professionally made products are fun and fabulous in every way. Search for and “Like” Monarch Sublimation on Facebook. You can also purchase her products on Shopify. By doing so, not only are you going to receive a fantastic product, but you are also supporting a very special local business led by very special young lady.