Winners named in UACCM pageant

The University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton Phi Beta Lambda chapter hosted its seventh annual UACCM Pageant on Nov. 9. The pageant was open to current UACCM students and girls through 17 years old.

The winners:

2013 Miss UACCM is Janeth Munoz of Conway, daughter of Victor and Lucila Munoz; first alternate is Lizette Munoz of Conway, daughter of Victor and Lucila Munoz; second alternate is Cierra Oade of Vilonia, daughter of Lou Ann and Blake Oade; third alternate is Victoria Rodgers of Quitman, daughter of Rhonda Rodgers; and fourth alternate is Amanda Medina of Conway, daughter of Cindy Morris.

Miss UACCM received a $1,000 scholarship, and the first alternate received a $500 scholarship sponsored by the UACCM Chancellor’s Office. In addition, Miss UACCM and her royalty received many gifts from local businesses.

2013 Baby Miss UACCM is Paisley Grace Meeks of Morrilton, daughter of Bailey Meeks and Ryan Pitt; first alternate is LaLou Jones of Dardanelle, daughter of Mike and Angie Jones; second alternate is Amiya Wiggins of Morrilton, daughter of D’Shaye and Warren Wiggins; and third alternate is Jasey Davis of Adona, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Davis.

2013 Tiny Miss UACCM is Kenna Nash of Russellville, daughter of Allison Caldwell and Cody Nash; first alternate is Riley Pratt of Dardanelle, daughter of Brittany Haston; and second alternate is Anastasia Brown of Morrilton, daughter of Megan Stafford and Caleb Brown.

2013 Petite Miss UACCM is Abbie Skinner of Morrilton, daughter of Jim and Frankie Skinner; first alternate is Lillian Peck of Morrilton, daughter of Fred and Lindsey Peck; second alternate is Emily Jackson of Conway, daughter of Brad and Jennifer Jackson; and third alternate is Keadyn Adams of Morrilton, daughter of Mark and Rachelle Adams.

2013 Little Miss UACCM is Lynlee Phomsithi of Morrilton, daughter of John Phomsithi and Alicia Bradley; first alternate is Emily Freeland of Conway, daughter of Jessica Freeland; second alternate is Chloe Kilgore of Russellville, daughter of Brett and Samantha Kilgore; and third alternate is Anaya Girtmen of Morrilton, daughter of Benjamin Girtman.

2013 Princess Miss UACCM is Kami Williams of Perryville, daughter of Samantha Barnes; first alternate is Mylee Massey of Dardanelle, daughter of Mike and Angie Jones and Jimmy and Jessica Massey; second alternate is Arielle Appleby of Conway, daughter of Marium Dupree; and third alternate is Mekel Peck of Morrilton, daughter of Fred and Lindsey Peck.

2013 Pre-Teen Miss UACCM is Abigail Thomas of Casa, daughter of David and Amanda Thomas.

2013 Teen Miss UACCM is Mikayla Lemley of Morrilton, daughter of Kim and Scott Lemley; and first alternate is Sydney Webb of Perryville, daughter of Amanda and Nathan Webb.