Welcome to the mountain

Driving up to the green-roofed cabin, visitors are greeted with a large timber arch and a rustic sign with the appropriate phrase “Welcome to the Mountain.” The cabin features a tall stone chimney, wrap-around porch and large windows for viewing the outdoor scenery. Honey-colored timber walls adorn the interior of the home as well as many interesting antique finds.

June has been collecting and dealing antiques since her high school years, and her first piece is the antique phone featured in the mudroom of the house. Throughout the home are different pieces – from old hickory bedroom furniture to vintage Indian Maiden photographs. 

In the living room, June decorated the space with plush leather sofas and southwest style rugs. The fireplace is adorned with various vintage stuffed game. A particularly neat focus is the large grandfather clock in the room.“Ken collects and works on old clocks,” said June. “This is a clock from Ireland and dated at 1840.”

A large beautiful wooden dining table paired with mix-matched chairs fills the dining area of the kitchen. The centerpiece for the table can be majestic elk statues or a fun farmhouse scene with figurines. “I enjoy sitting with the grandkids at the table and playing with the farm pieces,” explains June.

The Andrews spend most of their time with the grandkids in the upstairs loft which is designed in an antique fishing and hunting theme.  “Ken spends a lot of time in here working at the desk,” June said. “I like to come up here with the grandkids and play or just relax in a chair.” June made sure to make the room kid proof, but still be lots of fun.  The room is filled with collections of stuffed bears and hunting dog photographs. 

The Andrews have made a lovely home for themselves in a stunning clearing on the top of Petit Jean Mountain. “We always wanted a place where we could let the dogs out to play and enjoy the outdoors,” June shared, “We are so happy living in our home in the woods.”