Website of the Month:

by Brittany Gilbert

Why is the sky blue? Do cats really have nine lives? Does your child ask tons of questions that you don’t always know the answer to? Feed your child’s natural curiosity at any age at

Supported by the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL), this is the website for inquisitive kids. Teachers can use the website as an icebreaker for class, and parents can use it at home to answer their kid’s questions or to spark interest and conversation. Search a wide range of topics from arts to zoology for grades Pre-K to 12.

The website has a clean design and is easy to navigate. Each day, they feature a “Wonder of the Day” with a video and article for questions like “Why do we get fevers?”

This is a great website for teachers to break up the day or parents to entertain their kids while waiting for dinner to be ready. You can ask questions and vote for wonders.

This is a free website and states it is aligned to Common Core State Standards (CCSS), the STEM Educational Quality Framework and Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy.