Unity Health recognizes graduates

Department of Family Medicine: (from left) Dustin Stanley, D.O., Richard Phillips, D.O., Christopher Ryan, D.O., Hisham Mahmoud, D.O., and Jennalee Gaiser, D.O. Not pictured: Sherman Wu, D.O.
Department of Internal Medicine: (from left) Chase Cates, D.O., Kristen Lile, D.O., Traci Kristofik, D.O., Michael Davis, D.O., and Jeffrey Schlaack, D.O.
Department of Psychiatry: Elaine Leo, D.O., and Alexander Ghobadimanesh, D.O.

Unity Health recently hosted the graduation of the 2018-2019 Graduate Medical Education graduates at Robbins Sanford Grand Hall in Downtown Searcy. 

Out of the four departments, there were six graduates from internal medicine, two graduates from psychiatry and five from family medicine.