Unity Health awarded for excellent stroke care

SEARCY – Unity Health recently received a certificate of ‘Pearl Status,’ from the Arkansas Department of Health for its outstanding care of stroke patients. Fellow hospitals in the North Central and Northeast Arkansas regions were awarded at a luncheon June 5, in Jonesboro (Craighead County). 

This recognition was earned because of the collaboration of teams within Unity Health – White County Medical Center, whose expertise and quick response identifies stroke symptoms in patients, and gets them to a computed tomography (CT) scan in less than 25 minutes, referred to clinically as ‘Door-to-CT’ time.

Kasey Thornton, RN, who has received awards personally for her efforts in Door-to-thrombolytic time said, “It is an honor to be recognized for our teams’ dedication to helping stroke patients in a timely manner. We know that every second counts, and we strive to protect the brain as much as possible when a patient experiences a stroke.”

The speed and accuracy of this process, along with medication and treatment can help reduce the negative impacts for those who experience a stroke. 

Unity Health Director of Radiology, Laurie Sindle said, “We are proud to accept this recognition of achievement, as it highlights the efforts of our team, but more importantly, it shows the priority we place on patient safety and recovery. Working together means providing a successful patient experience and overall outcome for stroke patients.”

Through advanced technology, innovation and teamwork, Unity Health is proud to be a leader among its peers in stroke care. 

Interim President/CEO of Unity Health, LaDonna Johnston shared, “With this award, we will continue our commitment to serve patients with quality, compassionate care. Stroke patients require immediate assistance, and our team is equipped to exhibit their expertise and fast response, saving lives and helping reverse the effects of stroke.”