Unique birthday – 12 on 12-12-12

Koby Deweese will turn 12 on Wednesday marking a unique occurrence – 12 on the 12th month, 12th day in the year 2012.

The Simon Middle School sixth-grader is “totally pumped” about his birthday, according to his mom, Tory.

“He wants to do something fun on Wednesday but he’s worried that he has school the next day,” she said, adding that he had asked to go ice skating to celebrate. She said the family – which includes his father Matt and older brother Kolton – may have to plan a weekend trip to Little Rock to enjoy that activity and celebrate.

For his birthday, Koby has requested a pair of Nike tennis shoes and an iTunes gift card. “He’s very fashion savy for a 12-year-old,” Tory said.

Koby is a gymnast, who enjoys the tumbling and trampoline aspects of the sport. “He would live at Sonshine Academy if we let him,” she said.