UCA’s Haessner breaks school record

HUNTSVILLE, Ala.  –  The University of Central Arkansas Bears Men’s and Women’s Cross Country teams recently traveled to Huntsville, Ala., for the ASUN Conference Championships. The women’s team was led by Sara Steimel and the men’s team was led by Julian Haessner. Overall, the women’s team placed 10th and the men’s team placed 6th.

After breaking the UCA men’s 8K record at the Arturo Barrio Invitational with a time of 23:59.2, Julian Haessner broke the record again with a personal record time of 23:45.7.

Julian Haessner also earned First Team All-Conference and Philipp Haessner earned Third Team All-Conference. 

Personal Records

Ali Nachtigal, 18:27.20

Jewel Baer, 19:19.5

Julian Haessner, 23:45.7

Philipp Haessner, 24:11.3

Jared Touart, 24:31.2

Women’s Results

Out of 113th runners in the 5K race, Sara Steimel placed 31st with a time of 17:48.90. Anna Bommes finished 59th with a time of 18:23.00, Ali Nachtigal finished 61st with a personal record time of 18:27.20, and Emma Selph finished 79th with a time of 18:58.30. 

Jewel Baer finished 85th with a personal record time of 19:19.50, Sequoya Prentice finished 86th with a time of 19:25.00, Kennedy Timmerman finished 87th with a time of 19:29.90, and Felisa Saheib finished 91st with a time of 19:42.40. 

Men’s Results

Out of 116 runners in the 8K race, Julian Haessner placed 7th with a personal record time of 23:45.70. Philipp Haessner finished 17th with a personal record time of 24:11.30, Jared Touart finished 29th with a time of 24:31.20, Thomas Cain finished 68th with a time of 25:56.60, and Parker Jackson finished 70th with a time of 25:58.90. 

Christian Tamura finished 87th with a time of 26.44.90, Bresner Austin finished 91st with a time of 26:58.20, Beau Melancon finished 93rd with a time of 27:09.50, and Johnny Cordero finished 99th with a time of 27:30.90. 

From Head Coach Josey Weaver

“For the women, we gained a lot of experience from this race. We definitely would have liked to place higher, but I do like the way we fought and raced when things weren’t going our way. We expect big things from this group in the years to come. We are lucky to return seven of the eight racers from today. 
For the men, I thought we raced really well upfront. With two all-conference performances from Julian and Philipp Haessner, a school record, and the best race of the year for Jared Touart, our men were able to move up from last year by two spots. The goal is always to keep progressing. As long as we keep improving our team performance year to year, then we will eventually get to where we want to be. The goal is a conference championship for both our men and women, that is our standard.”

 Women’s Team Results

1.      Lipscomb – 35

2.      Liberty – 45

3.      Eastern Kentucky – 102

4.      Kennesaw State – 106

5.      North Florida – 158

6.      Queens – 172

7.      Bellarmine – 239

8.      Stetson – 241

9.      Jacksonville – 265

10.  Central Arkansas – 289

11.   North Alabama – 293

12.   Florida Gulf Coast – 320

13.   Jacksonville St. – 349

14.   Austin Peay – 406

 Men’s Team Results

1.      Eastern Kentucky – 18

2.      Liberty – 73

3.      Lipscomb – 102

4.      North Florida – 126

5.      Bellarmine – 152

6.      Central Arkansas – 174

7.      North Alabama – 210

8.      Queens – 212

9.      Kennesaw State – 229

10.   Florida Gulf Coast – 231

11.   Stetson – 281

12.   Jacksonville St. – 365

13.   Jacksonville – 393

14.   Austin Peay – 432

Live Results – https://live.xpresstiming.com/meets/18413