UCA, ASU-Beebe sign agreement

UCA Mascot Bruce D. Bear (from left), UCA Director of Transfer Services Brian Corbin, UCA Associate Provost for Academic Success Dr. Kurt Boniecki, UCA President Dr. Houston D. Davis, UCA Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Patricia Poulter, ASU-Beebe Chancellor Dr. Jennifer Methvin, ASU-Beebe Associate Vice Chancellor of Academics Dr. Richard Counts, ASU-Beebe Dean of Arts & Humanities Dr. Jason Goodner and ASU-Beebe Mascot Van. 

University of Central Arkansas President Houston Davis and Arkansas State University-Beebe Chancellor Jennifer Methvin recently signed a memorandum of understanding to enter into a “Bear Partners” agreement. 

The partnership gives ASU-Beebe students who are pursuing an associate degree access to academic resources at UCA, along with the opportunity to explore UCA and participate in campus activities. 

“UCA has always been a great partner, and we have strong 2+2 transfer agreements between our institutions,” said ASU-Beebe Chancellor Jennifer Methvin. “The Bear Partners program adds a number of benefits for our ASU-Beebe graduates, including the application fee waiver and additional transfer scholarship opportunities. I am grateful to UCA for their collaboration and for providing so much opportunity for ASU-Beebe graduates.”

Highlights of the Bear Partners program include:

  • UCA ID card
  • Admission to regular season UCA athletic events
  • Admission to select Reynolds Performance Hall events
  • Access to Torreyson Library resources (in-person or online)
  • Application fee waiver when student transfers to UCA

UCA and ASU-Beebe currently have 67 existing “2+2” transfer agreements, providing a clear pathway to both an associate degree at ASU-Beebe and a baccalaureate degree at UCA. These agreements allow students to seamlessly transfer to UCA with no loss of credits.

“We are thrilled to partner with ASU-Beebe on the Bear Partners program. Our existing transfer agreements have been very successful, and the Bear Partners program will continue to strengthen our relationship,” said UCA President Houston Davis. “With this program, ASU-Beebe students will have the opportunity to explore UCA and participate in campus activities prior to the completion of an associate degree at ASU-Beebe.” 

ASU-Beebe students can enroll in the Bear Partners program by visiting uca.edu/bearpartners/