Tying the knot: Abby and Cody

Bride: Abby Dillard (full-time student at the University of Central Arkansas).

Groom: Cody Andrews (cable installer for Conway Corp.).

Where did you meet: We met at the same place we were married! Cody was living with my cousin, Lacey, and her husband, Jared Standridge. Jared and Cody team roped together. Cody saw my picture and wanted to meet me. We met one Sunday afternoon and went on a “rhino” ride with family and friends. We’ve been together ever since!

Popping the question: Dec. 3, 2008 – It was a cold, rainy evening. Cody asked me to go out to eat at Outback Steakhouse. I didn’t even want to go. It had been a stressful day. But I went anyway. On the way, we stopped at a place overlooking Beaverfork Lake. He told me he had something that would make my day better. He pulled out a box, and there was a ring – the prettiest ring I had ever seen! He asked me to marry him and of course, I said yes!

The wedding: Sept. 19, 2009 – Dennard (Van Buren County), at the home of Jared and Lacey Standridge. Their house is up on a hill in the middle of their ranch. It has a beautiful view all around.  We got married on a chilly, foggy September evening in an outdoor ceremony. I’ve always wanted to get married there. The house sits on a hill in the middle of their 600-acre ranch and it’s just beautiful. We each had six attendants. I have a big family and everyone pitched in to help out – hauling tables and chairs, decorating, hanging lights for the dance, making reception food, and cleaning up the next day.  A reception followed with the Ryan Curran band playing for our first dance and entertaining guests.

Something unique about the wedding: We got married at the same place we met!  Also, Lacey, one of the bridesmaids, held our son, Cayde Batson Andrews, during the wedding. She handed him to Cody at the end of the ceremony. Bro. Gaylon King officiated and Bro. Freddie Mark Wilcox blessed the family at the end of the service.

Something unexpected that happened at the wedding: The wedding took place outside. It had rained all week, but it wasn’t raining that day. It started misting about the time we got ready to take pictures. Then the fog moved in. It was so foggy all around the hill where the wedding took place. It made it look kind of mystical.

Honeymoon: Branson, Mo. We couldn’t go far since I am in school. We met Merle Haggard at breakfast and I got my picture made with him.

Future plans: We currently live in Greenbrier. We will stay there and hopefully build a house after I graduate from college.

Advice to other couples: Marriage isn’t easy. It definitely takes two people to make it work. You need to help each other and share the responsibilities. Most of all, be happy!