Training planned Saturday for First Security Kids' Triathlon

Registration is now open for the First Security Conway Kids’ Triathlon Training Day session scheduled for 8-10 a.m. Saturday, June 9, at the Centennial Valley Country Club in Conway.  

Kids who will be 6-15 years old by the end of this year are eligible to attend.  

Young people ages 6-15 will be training for the upcoming First Security Conway Kids’ Triathlon scheduled Saturday, Aug. 4.

The Saturday, Aug. 4, triathlon event is one of the country’s premier youth triathlons for all kids, not just kids who participate in triathlons. To register for the training day and/or the triathlon, visit

“The training day is crucial for those who have never completed a triathlon and for those who think they can never do one,” said Shannon Milam, race director. “At the end of the day, children will know what a triathlon is, how to set realistic goals and how to achieve them.”

Triathlons are events involving three sports – swimming, biking and running – and the training day will teach children how to train for their first (or next) triathlon. The day is a perfect opportunity for first-timers and a great review for everyone.

“Kids will also learn the value of being part of a team and how to form or join one,” said Pete Tanguay, team coordinator. “Kids who form teams have the added benefit of accountability during training and someone to cheer for (and to cheer for them) during the event.  

“Teams are simply three or more participants who get together and decide to be a team. Whether it is a group of friends at school or their neighborhood or the swim team they compete with, kids enjoy being on a team when competing in individual sports.”

Training day will begin with information sharing and a Q&A led by Milam. Participants will then be split into three groups based on their level of experience, age and goals for the race.  Kids will spend 20-30 minutes in each of the triathlon areas – swim, bike, run – as well as learn the process of transitioning from one area to the other. Instructors will help build confidence in swimming, biking and running.

While the kids enjoy the training session, parents will have the opportunity to learn more about the event. Families will receive training plans for kids based on their goals, meet and work with experienced instructors in these different sports and have time for one-on-one conversations with coaches about expectations, gear and equipment inspections.  

The 15th annual First Security Conway Kids’ Triathlon will be held at the University of Central Arkansas. The triathlon is coordinated by the Conway Running Club. The event emphasizes health, self-esteem, self-confidence and fun in a safe, family-friendly environment.

This year’s triathlon benefits Soul Food Café Mission. Visit for more information.