Traditional & whimsical

by RaeLynn Callaway

I love having the opportunity to go into different homes across the 501 and give you a glimpse into the “home” life and styles of your neighbors. That is especially true during the holidays.

In the November and December issues of 501 LIFE, I will be taking you into the homes of four of your neighbors; three in Conway and one in Morrilton. Although they are all unique, just like the owners themselves, they all reflect the warmth and love that the holiday season brings. I hope you will sit back, snuggle up and enjoy your tours!

Brian and Jerri Arnold and their daughter, McKenna, love spending time at home during the holidays. “I decorated our tree with the meaningful family and kid ornaments for years. Then I thought I wanted to follow the trends so I had a bronze and purple tree one year. It was beautiful but it didn’t seem like Christmas! I wanted something young and fun – whimsical. And I wanted to use traditional red and green but with some pop! I found these candy pieces and everything else just fell into place,” Jerri said.

Using the traditional red but with a lime green, Jerri accomplishes her look of whimsy. The candy pieces and the red and white icicles give her a young feel without becoming juvenile.

Jerri starts with a tree in the foyer with coordinating garland and mesh ribbon running up the staircase. The theme follows into the living room with a larger tree, a beautifully adorned mantle and coordinating garland and ribbon across the top of the entertainment center. Although Jerri wouldn’t consider herself a col- lector, “I do seem to have an accumulation of Santas and sleighs,” she said with a laugh.

Jerri also keeps a tree in her half bath where she puts her meaningful family ornaments and her Premier jewelry holiday ornaments.

“Even as happy as the festive Christmas decorations make us, my favorite thing that is put out every year is my nativity. When I walk by this scene it reminds me of the real reason for Christmas!”