Tips to liven up a living room

A shade brighter

Change out your dated lamps or just the shades in your living room. A traditional lamp base can be updated with a modern-shaped shade. Drum shades are available at many locations and they look great in nearly any style of room.

Switch out your seats

If diving into the purchase of a new sofa is a little intimidating, try going for a smaller commitment by purchasing an armchair. Take this opportunity to add a little flair to your living room with a chair from a certain period or an excitingly patterned fabric.

Throw it together

The cheapest and easiest way to freshen up a living room is probably through accent pillows. Throw pillows can be found in just about any store. It’s the easiest way to add another color to your design scheme. Make sure to mix different colors, patterns and shapes.


Switching out end tables or adding a new coffee table is another small way to update your living room.
Try branching out from the norm when choosing new tables. Add personality with converted luggage racks, trunks and boxes. Anything can be used as a table, so have fun finding small treasures.

Icing on the cake

As always, polish your new look with accessories. While usually the last items to be placed in a room, accessories are the most important part of accomplishing a certain style.  Small touches in your accessories will set the tone, such as pieces reminiscent of jewels to create luxury.