‘The Power of Freedom Women’s Conference’

Guest speakers will include Michele Tyson, Journey to Total Freedom; Karla Scott, Transformed Ministries International; and Amber Noblitt, New Life Church.

Anointed praise and worship will be led by Bobbi Ramirez along with the Power Passion & Purpose Worship team and band.  

Special musical guest appearance will be by Michael and Carrie McDowell Hodge, founders of Emerge Europe. Michael is the musical director for Joel Osteen’s Church and Carrie is a worship leader. As a young child she sang on the Johnny Carson show, performed with Liberace in Las Vegas and was a recording artist with the Motown record label.    

Seating is limited.  Tickets are $50 per person and $45 per person for a group rate.

For more information, visit powerpassionpurpose.com.