The many benefits of music lessons

by James Skelton

Every day at the Conway Institute of Music we experience the benefits of music lessons with our students, their parents and guardians. 


Having personally taught guitar lessons to more than 2,000 students in 30-plus years, I have seen firsthand the many benefits of music lessons, including enhanced academic performance.

National research indicates a direct relationship between musical study and development in other areas, including reasoning and problem-solving. Findings in a 2009 study in the Journal of Neuroscience showed for the first time that musical experience for as little as 15 months in early childhood leads to structural brain changes and results in improvements in motor and auditory skills. 

Music training can also help with basic memory recall. A Stanford University study showed that mastering a musical instrument improves brain processing in areas associated with language development, and may have implications for improving language/reading skills. 

In addition, study in the arts helps to develop a variety of positive character traits including discipline, perseverance and teamwork.

While the research shows some academic advantages of studying music, we encourage parents to consider the value of teaching their child an appreciation of music, which is fostered through lessons.

Playing music is just fun to do and one of the most important benefits of music lessons. There is nothing more captivating or engaging than blasting a song through your headphones or jamming with friends or band mates. Even when you’re just getting started, playing some basic songs is super fun. 

No matter how simple, there’s nothing better than to say, “I just made music!”