Sweetheart statues

By Stefanie Brazile

Tipton & Hurst, Inc., a popular florist in the region, gives back to communities in fun ways as each season changes. They have been decorating bronze statues in Conway and Little Rock for several years.

“Holiday seasonal decorating is what we do,” said Interim Marketing Director Andrea Bailey-Fournier. “We have decorated the bunny and toads to spread cheer and beautification to the communities that support Tipton & Hurst. These are the communities where our staff live, so it feels good to give back in a fun and beautiful way.”

Two toads in front of the Conway Area Chamber on Oak Street and “Whimsical Toad” at the corner of Oak and Front Streets (in Toad Suck Square) have recently had Christmas décor replaced by Valentine’s Day decorations. Additionally, the bronze Little Toad statues that were installed around downtown Conway last year to mark historical buildings were dressed in miniature hearts and flowers for passersby to enjoy. They were decorated by Tipton & Hurst’s Conway Store Manager Jamie Breeding and the design team.

In the area of Little Rock known as the Heights, the Little Rock Garden Club bunny welcomes guests in front of Mugs Café at the corner of Kavanaugh Boulevard and North Pierce Street. The 4-foot bronze also had a recent costume update by Chris Norwood, a decorator from Tipton & Hurst’s Heights store location.

Photo by Mike Kemp

Tipton & Hurst invites the public to pose for photos at each location, share them on social media and tag them. “We especially enjoy when people tag us in their photos so we can see which looks are a crowd favorite,” Bailey-Fournier said.

“We enjoy being able to give back to our communities in a fun way,” she said. “It is a feel-good moment for everyone involved, from the designers to community members and the sculptures themselves. We hope everyone enjoys these installations for a long time.”

The bunny and toad decorations will change again when spring arrives.