Summer Art Camp in Mayflower

A summer art camp is being hosted by Youth Advocate & Resource Network (YARN) through Thursday at the YARN Center in Mayflower. 

Alice Aida Ayers

The nonprofit is hosting international artist Alice Aida Ayers. Children ages 5 through 16 are participating at separate times to receive age-appropriate instruction and personalized attention from Ayers. 

She is the author of “It’s Me I’m Running From.” Ayers is based in El Paso, Texas but has lived throughout the U.S. and a few African countries. Ayers holds degrees in fine art, design and art education and has exhibited work in America, Europe, Mexico and several countries in Africa. As a teaching artist, she has conducted residencies in more than 250 schools, colleges and community centers and has painted over 20 public murals.

The Art Camp is sponsored by YARN, Ayers, Centennial Bank, First Security Bank, Bank OZK, Central High School National Park Service, Simmons Bank, Conway Copies, Hearne Fine Art C&V 4 Seasons Publishing and Buff Blass.