St. Joseph School launches mobile app

St. Joseph School in Conway recently launched its iOS and Android applications in partnership with Arkansas education technology startup Apptegy. The apps will include information on current school news, events, athletics scores and schedules, cafeteria menus, as well as ways for for parents to ask questions to the administration directly.

St. Joseph sees this as part of a larger push to communicate with its school community online. “Our Bulldog families, alumni and supporters can use the school app to stay connected with timely information right at their fingertips,” said Susie Freyaldenhoven, St. Joseph Middle School principal. “Apptegy offered us seamless integration to communicate content, video and images from one platform. That meant saved time as we didn’t have to post to multiple social media outlets, web and texting separately.”

Schools around the country are seeing mobile apps as the next frontier for school communication. A ComScore study shows that the majority of Americans use mobile technologies at twice the rate of desktop computers, so mobile apps enable them to reach a far greater number of their audience.

Apptegy is a two-year-old startup in Little Rock that has been gaining traction across Arkansas by simplifying the process for schools to get mobile apps. St. Joseph will be joining more than 25 other school districts who partner with Apptegy.

Unlike other school communication tools that give administrators another system to manage, Apptegy allows school to manage and distribute all of their communication from a single publishing platform. “Apptegy’s mission is to build stronger relationships between schools and their communities. We are thrilled to be working with schools in the Central Arkansas area to see firsthand how better communication can strengthen their educational community,” said Jeston George, CEO and Founder of Apptegy.

The app can be downloaded for free now in the Apple App Store or Android Play store. Community members can also find the school’s new website at