Special friends: The Jones Family & Duchess Marie

Matt, directional driller for Halliburton Energy Services.
Michelle, secondary math teacher and dance coach at Morrilton High School.
Mason, third-grade student at Morrilton Elementary School.
Maddox, kindergarten student at Morrilton Primary School.

City: Morrilton.

Pet: Duchess Marie Jones

Age: 3

Breed: English Bulldog.

Where/when did you meet your pet: On July 20, 2011, we lost our beloved Duke, a Boston Terrier/English Bulldog mix. The following week my husband, with my mother’s help, surprised us with Duchess. I was thinking about rescuing an older dog, but my husband wanted a young puppy that would grow up with our boys. Duchess was 10 weeks old and full of love to give us.

What’s the story behind your pet’s name: We had just lost our Duke, and because the new puppy was a female, the name Duchess kept popping up in my mind. The royal name suits her perfectly! On Friday nights, she puts on her spiked collar and horns and acts like royalty on the football field.  

What do you love most about your pet: Duchess gives us unconditional love and easily adapts to our feelings. She is always ready to go for a walk, play or just relax. She never meets a stranger and loves everyone.

What’s your favorite memory with your pet: Last year Duchess was asked by the senior football players to run out on the field with the football team, and I had to run along the side line with her. Several of the players always had to come over to see her before/after the game. She knew who they were on and off the field.

During basketball season, she would bark/whine at those football players to get their attention and would not stop until they would come over to visit with her.  

What activities do you and your pet enjoy together: Duchess loves taking walks, squirrel hunting in her Nana’s backyard and playing with her human brothers, Mason and Maddox, but her favorite thing to do is to put on her spiked collar and horns to cheer on her Devil Dogs!

What’s in the future for you and your pet: We are looking forward to lots of love, fun family memories and hopefully more state championship celebrations with our Devil Dogs and Lady Devil Dogs.

More information: Duchess is the Devil Dog mascot for Morrilton High School. On game days, she is full of energy and excited to cheer on her Devil Dogs.

One tradition of the football team is performing a chant before running out on the field. While the players are chanting, Duchess will bark with them. She was not trained to do it and started doing it on her own.

She LOVES everyone, but one of her favorite Devil Dogs is Mr. Danny Ketcherside, principal of Morrilton High School. Duchess always looks for him when she first arrives at Devil Dog Stadium.