501 Life Magazine | Something old, something new at the Cross Creek Sandwich Shop
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By Don Bingham

Many of us have special loved ones in our lives and Jenifer Bradley is no exception!
Jenifer’s maternal grandmother, Beulah Katheryn Watts Carter, was a farm-dwelling, food-loving, powerful influence. Any visitor to the family farm were “hugged tight, gloriously fed, powerfully improved (if necessary) according to Big Mother’s standard, and sent on their way home with a full heart.”

Jenifer Bradley of Jenifer’s Antiques at 1003 Oak St. in Downtown Conway has owned and operated the charming antique and consignment store for eight years. Her newest addition is the Cross Creek Sandwich Shop. “Some people plant a tree in memory of their loved ones,” Jenifer said. “I wanted to open a sandwich shop!”
The force behind the Cross Creek Sandwich Shop is Chris Jennings. No stranger to the food industry, Chris has always had a love for great food and conversation.
The sandwich shop is located in the back of Jenifer’s Antiques. Actually, it’s in a booth space, complete with tables and chairs, sellable items on the walls and the ambience that you want to sit and relax while enjoying the Cross Creek Special (chicken salad stuffed in a jumbo pasta shell with fresh fruit and a bowl of strawberry chiller soup). If not the special, enjoy a delightful sandwich served with bacon ranch dip, and topped off with an amazing array of homemade pies and cakes.
Chris and her associate, Kelly Dyer, do it all! Whether it’s “lunch for a bunch” to carry out, or the delight of being able to sit in yesterday’s surrounding filled with delightful memories, the ambience is a grand way to celebrate the memory of Jenifer’s best friend — her Grandmother Carter.
The sandwich shop is open 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday — with desserts and beverages available all day.
The day we visited the shop, the dessert offerings were Strawberry Cake, Peanut Butter Pie, Chocolate Chip Pie, Butterfinger Cake, Raspberry-Lemonade Pie, and the one pie that Chris says is the reason her husband , John, married her — Strawberry Pie!
You might want to consider the Sun-dried Tomato Turkey sandwich or the Veggie Wrap, or the chef’s choice salads — there are many combinations offered for those who like half a sandwich and half of a salad.
The Cross Creek Sandwich Shop is a great way to shop, dine, talk, “stop and smell the roses,”, or take in the memories of a lifetime of treasures! 501 LIFE welcomes Cross Creek Sandwich Shop to Conway.