Setting a Thanksgiving table

A beautiful Thanksgiving meal ushers in a sacred season of celebration and brings families and friends together to reconnect and create new memories over treasured family recipes.

Whether you choose fine china or festive paper goods, the most important qualities at the table are the graciousness, warmth and genuine hospitality given by a host and hostess to their guests. Our patron saint of etiquette, Emily Post, wrote that entertaining begins with a code of behavior based on kindness and consideration.

Pre-setting the table tells guests that you took the time to prepare for them. Many “place setting” guides are available online.

If you anticipate more guests than your dining table will accommodate, plan ahead and create comfortable seating at smaller tables. Set this up before they arrive.

Whether you choose lovely china or colorful paper goods, make sure your family and friends know they are the greatest blessing at your table as you offer hospitality and love through a delightful menu and lots of smiles.

Happy Thanksgiving from the team at 501 LIFE Magazine!