ROUND THREE – State high school playoffs

We’re down to seven.

Arkansas Baptist, Harding Academy, Fountain Lake, Malvern, Pulaski Academy, Lake Hamilton and North Little Rock. For these teams, the dream continues.

But as we’ve seen the last two weeks, the dream is fickle. One moment, it’s within reach, and the next, it’s gone. The clock hits zero, and happiness and grief mingle on the field as one team goes home and the other goes to the next round.

For Lake Hamilton and North Little Rock, just one game separates them from the finals. For the other 501 teams, their journeys still have a ways to go.

Here’s to another week of Loving LIFE, Loving FOOTBALL and Loving the DREAM in the 501.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, Nov. 25



3A: Quarterfinals

Barton at Arkansas Baptist
Harding Academy at Charleston
Fountain Lake at Rison

4A: Quarterfinals

Nashville at Malvern
Pottsville at Pulaski Academy



6A: Semifinals

Pine Bluff at Lake Hamilton

7A: Semifinals

North Little Rock at Bentonville