ROSE BUD: Ramblers aiming for breakout year

The record marked the most wins in school history at either the junior or senior level. And a good group of rising freshmen follows that group.

“How long is it going to take us to teach them how to win? In a couple of games last year, we just didn’t know how to win,” Coach Steve Rose said. “But we’ve started turning the corner in the younger group. We have a lot of experience coming back, and our schedule is more conducive to the level we’re at.

“This is the first year I’ve felt we’ve had a chance to work our way into the playoffs.”
Rose Bud finished 1-9 last season, the victory a 2-3A conference win over England. The Ramblers graduated five seniors, and they’ll continue the spread offense and 4-3 defensive scheme in Rose’s third season as coach.

Junior Nick Cartwright (5-10, 160) returns at quarterback. Senior Joe Dalrymple (6-0, 200) moves to running back.

The Ramblers will count on four senior receivers: Jacob Petersen (5-8, 150); Tyler Walters (5-10, 180); Braden Irwin (6-0, 190) and Tyler Williams (5-8, 160). 

The Ramblers have “some hay balers” up front in Ricky Ross (6-2, 250), who moves to left tackle from center; Chad Hackett (6-2, 240), a returning starter at left guard; Tyler Jett (5-10, 190), a sophomore, at center; sophomore Nik Adcock (6-1, 230) at right guard; and senior Shawn Williamson (6-4, 250) or junior Tanner Adcock (6-1, 230) at right tackle.

Defensively, Ross and Hackett will be up front inside. Jessie Blake (5-8, 180) is a returning starter at defensive end; Nik Adcock will also play on the line. Rose said juniors Raymond Eddy (5-9, 170) and Travis Garner (5-8, 190) were in the mix in some combination of linebacker or defensive end.

Two junior starters are back at linebacker: junior Ethan Kurck (6-0, 200) in the middle and an under-sized Zack Smith (5-8, 160).

“He will flat-out hit you,” Rose said of Smith. “And we are bringing up a sophomore we expect to play, Osiris Jauregui. He was our most physical linebacker in junior high.”

Also in the mix there is senior Jonathan Brand (5-8, 170), who played for the Ramblers as a freshman before moving away for a couple of years.
Rose Bud’s defensive backs include returning starters Irwin, Petersen, Walters and Dalrymple. Sophomore A.J. Hillman (5-8, 150) is set at safety.

5 Players to Watch:

Jacob Petersen (Sr. WR/DB), Braden Irwin (Sr. WR/DB), Tyler Williams (Sr. WR), Joe Dalrymple (Sr. RB/DB) and Ricky Ross (Sr. OT/DT).