Rialto to present ‘A Clash of Heroes’

The Rialto Community Arts center will present its Summer 2019 Dinner Theater, “A Clash of Heroes,” on Friday, July 26, and Saturday, July 27. The show is written and directed by Jesse Burgener of Conway.

“I’ve been doing dinner theaters for about four years now, and directing them for two,” Burgener said. “We’ve always purchased scripts online, but I’d been wanting to write my own for a while. It took some time, but finally getting the greenlight for it was very exciting!” 

“A Clash of Heroes” follows a group of heroes and former villains coming together to try to impress a demanding public and a sensitive mayor (played by Amanda Carroll of Morrilton) following a disaster caused by sparring heroes. “It’s a spoof of superhero movies and comics,” said Burgener. “I’m a big fan of superhero flicks, so expect to see some humorous nods towards big-budget superhero movies, as well as some meta-humor. It’s kind of like if Deadpool directed an off-brand Avengers movie, and served you dinner as an added bonus.” 

The show features a large cast of characters who will serve guests as well as serve as suspects for the murder mystery. The cast includes:

  • Tyler Burgener as Buster Justice, an agent of justice with incredible strength
  • Jasmin Lyon as Mysteria, a brooding detective armed with intellect and various gadgets
  • Irene Taylor as PSIren, a woman bestowed with psychic powers and telekinesis 
  • Amanda Carroll as Mayor Brannigan, the stressed mayor with a vendetta against heroes
  • Nathan Mobley as Boomsday, a former pyromaniac with a love of explosives
  • Halli Simpson as Paula Parazzi, a nosy reporter and Buster Justice’s ex-girlfriend
  • Erin Sommers as Jane, Paula’s camera girl with a love of all things hero-related
  • Phillip Autrey as Alfonse Nickelworth, Mysteria’s overprotective butler/guardian
  • Jackson Flowers as Richard Hedd, a former crime lord looking to change his image
  • Nicholas Burgener as Shenji, a self-proclaimed ninja and Hedd’s ex-arch-nemesis
  • Jesse Burgener as Westerado, a wisecracking gunslinger and Shenji’s brother

Guests will be encouraged to interact with the characters throughout the dinner, as well as take notes and collect potential clues. Toward the end of the show, they’ll be asked to fill out a program with who they think the killer is for a chance to win a prize for the “True Hero” award, or go with a more comedic angle and give the most bizarre answer for a chance to win the “Bumbling Sidekick” award.

Dinner will be provided by Dena Williams and Theresa Paladino, and will consist of a chef’s salad, Cajun chicken pasta (with vegetarian options upon request), garlic bread and chocolate cake with cream cheese icing for dessert. Tickets can be purchased at rialtomorrilton.com, and will be available until Wednesday, July 24. Shows will begin at 7 p.m. with doors opening at 6:30 p.m. Guests are encouraged to arrive early and come dressed in superhero clothes or costume, as prizes will be awarded for best-dressed.