‘Rhythm and Drumming’ events listed

The Central Arkansas Library System will sponsor “Rhythm and Drumming” (RAD) this summer for the third year.

Rhythmic Interactive Percussion Ensemble (RIPE) is a STOMP-like percussion group formed in 2010 with the purpose of introducing people to the spontaneous fun and unique experience involved in group drumming. True Alisandre, an avid hand drummer since 1994 and a yoga teacher since the 70s, has found that everywhere rhythmic drum beats happen that people of all ages want to join in. 

A community drumming event is planned Saturday, June 22, at the Faulkner County Library in Conway.

Chris Caldwell & True (of RIPE) will provide instruments and guide the impromptu individuals that gather, to create pleasing group rhythms with some of their own favorites, and the innate spontaneity of the group energy. They intend to organize the rhythms expressed at each library into a collective group drum song that will be available for inspiring future percussion events and the attendees.

The RIPE group has several YouTube videos posted of past drummings under TRUE ALISANDRE or by searching “Everyone Has Rhythm Arkansas 2017” or “Rhythmic Interactive Percussion Ensembles 2018 Arkansas library tour.”

For more information, call 501.918.3059 or email [email protected].

The Central Arkansas Library System 2019 group drumming events by Ripe:

Monday, June 1011 a.m.Dee Brown Library on Baseline/LR
Tuesday, June 1110:30 a.m.Maumelle Library
Monday, June 1710:30 a.m.Terry Library on Napa Valley Dr./LR
Tuesday, June 1811 a.m.Children’s Library on W 10th St./LR
Wednesday, June 1910 a.m.Fletcher Library on Buchanan St./LR
Wednesday, June 193 p.m.Thompson Library on Rahling Cr/LR
Thursday, June 202 p.m.McMath Library on Barrow Rd./LR
Tuesday, June 2510:30 a.m.Main Library on Rock St./LR
Thursday, June 2710:30 a.m.Sanders Library in Sherwood