Recognizing the value of Cable TV

It’s no surprise that entertainment options are more expensive this year compared to 2018. Prices rise every year, and we can all expect to pay a little more to see a movie or take our family out to eat. 

At Conway Corp, we are committed to providing the community with quality TV programming at a competitive price, and we make every effort to minimize costs for our customers. Over the past several years, however, cable networks have increased their fees at an alarming rate. Programmers like AMC, ESPN, NBC, etc. are raising their rates at an unsustainable rate – 40 percent, 50 percent, even 100 percent from one year to the next. 

We know this news is not welcome, and we share your frustration. In 1983, more than 90 percent of American media was owned by 50 companies. Today, more than 90 percent is controlled by only eight multi-billion-dollar corporations. While we work hard to keep our prices low, these companies take advantage of cable operators – and our customers – by demanding increases well above the rate of inflation.

We only raise rates by the amount necessary to cover the cost of programming increases. In fact, 97 percent of our starter cable rate goes directly to networks like ABC, Discovery, FOX and Nickelodeon. The 3 percent that goes to Conway Corp is used for operating expenses, maintaining the cable network and upgrading equipment. 

We understand the average American household spends less than $3,000 a year on recreational activities, and it’s important to get the most for your money. Compared to many other types of entertainment, cable TV is still a great value. Conway Corp starter cable lets you enjoy more than 100 channels plus access to TV Everywhere for only $2.59 a day – that’s less than your morning latte or afternoon snack. 

Consider other types of available entertainment. Seeing a movie in town on a weekend night costs $11 per person – a $1.50 increase from last year. Take a family of four and that’s more than $40 for two hours of fun before you even take a trip to the snack bar. With cable, you could watch a newly released movie, and the same family of four and the same two hours would only cost 22 cents.   

According to Statista, the average concert ticket last year was $94.31, and the average NFL ticket is up to $100.29. You pay more for three hours of entertainment to see your favorite band or player than you would pay for a month of cable to see your favorite shows – which often includes the same sports and music offerings. 

It is fun to curl up on the couch and watch a movie marathon, but one of the best things about cable is it’s no longer confined to the living room. Cable has become a whole lot more than just the television set. With TV Everywhere, we don’t have to sit at home, gather in front of the TV and wait patiently for our favorite shows. Apps turn nearly every device we own into a TV screen so we can watch what we want, wherever we are, on the schedule we choose. We have access to live programming that can stream directly to a tablet, computer or smartphone. We can watch our favorite shows and even store our programs in the cloud to watch later. Apps deliver thousands of hours of programming and make cable an anytime, anywhere experience. 

Best of all, this streaming service is completely free with your cable subscription. You can watch the big game live across town or across country with no worries. You also get to watch your favorite shows without waiting. Most content airs exclusively on cable or on cable first. If you prefer streaming, you get the best of both worlds with cable. 

Cable TV provides more content choices at a better price. Watch Emmy award-winning movies, the Super Bowl, the hottest TV shows and more – all for less than 35 cents each. Cable’s video platform is a creative canvas where the world’s top writers, directors and actors are producing cinema-quality programming that is dominating the awards circuit and the TV ratings – and you can have it all for $2.59 a day. 

Conway Corp is proud to be your local utility provider. We reinvest millions annually in our local infrastructure and equipment to improve the quality of your services. This investment benefits local businesses and helps grow economic development opportunities. We appreciate your business and with it we are able to give back to your community by purchasing supplies and equipment from local vendors, paying local taxes and hiring local contractors. We are also able to support local organizations through donations, scholarships and volunteerism. 

While annual rate increases are expected and budgeted for, the way network programmers do business with cable providers is less than optimal. We’re dedicated to providing quality products at affordable rates. As broadcasters continue to use their size and power to demand more money from customers, we will continue to work hard to keep your channels on and your costs under control. 

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